Hello, my name is Keni

I am a Producer, Artist, DJ and Physician.

I write soulful electronic music

and moonlight as a Doctor

I was born in the US

Grew up in London

Raised by Japanese parents

I feel lucky to be where I am

and want to do what I can to give back

My mother's Jazz records

informed my piano performance

I grew up in the UK

So UK music runs in my blood

I sound like Bonobo mixed with A Tribe Called Quest.

I mess around with soulful instrumentals

and mix with UK underground sounds.

I owe my sound

and forward thinking attitude 

to the many incredible,


contemporary musicians 

that we are lucky enough to listen to today.

I hereby pledge

To give 10% of my profits to the


Global Health and Development Fund

That supports charitable projects

that make 


differences to the world.

They currently support:


1) Malaria prevention

which is still an enormous global killer

2) And infrastructure in

poor to middle income countries

by implementing

evidence-based policies.

Together we make a difference

The truth is

I've been in love

with music

all my life

And I continue to

have my mind blown

to a billion pieces

by what comes out

of this musical universe

every single day.

I am on a musical mission

to bring people together

Just as all the greats 

from all walks of life have done